Advanced training

After you took this continuing training, you will quickly become familiar with the functionalities offered by Sitebox. Besides being able to create content, it is also important that you can manage your website.

Chapter 1 | Move content (drag & drop)

You can log in with your own account. Your purchased Sitebox license determines which functionalities are available to you within the system. The permissions within the system are defined on the basis of groups. The user name is an email addres and the password is linked to this email address.

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Chapter 2 | Duplicate

You can simply copy content with the duplicate function. This will allow you to quickly apply a certain layout to your newly created content. Replace the content wherever necessary and this will guarantee consistency.

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Chapter 3 | Content Scheduling

Are you lacking the time to place your content online or offline at a certain date? By establishing a planning, you are certain that your content will automatically go online or offline at the time and date you specified.

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Chapter 4 | Content Accessibility

Sitebox offers you the opportunity to determine who has access to your content.

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Chapter 5 | Content permissions

Sitebox offers you the opportunity to set permissions. You can set permissions at content, folder, site level.

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