Chapter 1 | Move content (drag and drop)

You can move content with drag & drop. You click on an item and then you drag your content while you press the left mouse button. Your content is then moved if you press both the left mouse button and the CTRL-key. You will notice that your content is not being moved but copied.

Move page

Move a page with ‘drag & drop’. You drag the page to a folder while pressing the left mouse button.
The image below shows you how the page your-name.html is moved to the basic-training folder.

  1. Click on the page* or select the page that you want to move.
  2. Keep the left mouse button pressed
  3. Drag the page to the folder where you want to move the page to

* If you click on the page, you have to keep the left mouse button pressed, and then drag the page!

Content verplaatsen

Move folder

You can also move folders. Do this in the same manner as you move a page.