Chapter 2 | Duplicate content (drag and drop)

From what you’ve read in the previous chapter, you can copy content by dragging the left mouse button in combination with a pressed CTRL-key.

Copy page

The image below shows you how the page your-name.html is copied to the folder basic-training.

  1. Click on the page* or select the page that you want to move.
  2. Keep the CTRL-key + left mouse button pressed (if you release the CTRL-key, your copy action will change to a move action!)
  3. Drag the page to the folder where you want to move the page to

* If you click on the page, you have to keep the CTRL-key + left mouse button pressed, and then drag the page!

Copy folder

Keep the CTRL-key and left mouse button pressed to copy a folder. In below example, we are copying the demo folder to the basic-training folder.


Duplicate page in the same folder

You use the duplicate option if you want to duplicate content in the same folder.

  1. Select the file you want to duplicate
  2. Click on the icon Duplicate via the icon more
  3. Click on the button Yes of the popup “Are you sure you want to duplicate this page?”
  4. Click on the icon edit to edit the duplicated page
  5. Click on the tab General; notice that the copy has the name sitebox.html (copy 1) Change the name of the page
  6. Change the content of the page as needed (tab Content)
  7. Click on OK if you want to save the change but not yet publish
    Click on OK & Publish if you want to save and publish the change
    Click on Cancel if you do not want to save the change