Chapter 3 | Scheduling content

You can establish planning on all your content. This allows you to determine when content is visible or will go offline at at certain date and time.

  1. Click on Change Scheduling via the iconMore
  2. Click on the green check mark behind 'Always online'. This will make the green check mark change to a red cross
  3. If you want to place the page online at a certain date and time, click in the field Date online, this will open a popup calendar. Click on the date of your choice, specify an optional time.
    Comment: the time of 00:00:00 is assigned if you do not specify a time.
  4. If you want to take the page offline at a certain date, click in the field Date offline. As a result, a popup calendar opens up. Specify a Date offline + time (optional)
  5. Click on OK to save the settings
    Click on Cancel not to save the changes


Scheduling via Date and TIme

Establish scheduling on a folder

It is also possible to establish a scheduling for a folder. The settings apply for the content that is in the folder.