Getting started with Sitebox 5

Sitebox is a powerful ‘web-based’ content management system that allows you to set up and manage your website quickly and easily. With the ‘easy-to-use’ interface can quickly familiarise yourself with all Sitebox functionalities and you can get started quickly!

We will show you around in the Sitebox system with the help of this training.

 Exercises: A few exercises will follow at the end of a number of chapters so that you can become familiar with the comfort of use of Sitebox step by step.

Chapter 1 | Log in

You can log in with your own account. Your purchased Sitebox license determines which functionalities are available within the system. The rights within the system are defined on the basis of groups. The user name is an email addres, the password is linked to this email address.

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Chapter 2 | Modules

Sitebox has a number of standard modules to manage your website.

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Chapter 3 | Content blocks and the page editor

You can adjust/add your content easily with the page editor.

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Chapter 4 | Structure & pages

If you wish to add a page, click on Structure and Pages via Website. If action buttons are light-grey they cannot be used at that moment.

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Chapter 5 | Articles

Articles can be placed on a page. You can compare this with creating a newspaper that consists of pages with articles. The advantage of articles is that you compose these once and can add these to any random page.

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Chapter 6 | News

You keep your visitors informed about your current news reports by placing news reports on your website. The news reports module offers you the opportunity to place the reports.

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Chapter 7 | Events

Events, that you perform or which you feel deserve special attention are managed with the Events Module. You can simply add events to a page.

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Chapter 8 | Feeds

You can quickly create RSS with the feeds module.

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Chapter 9 | Images

All your images at one central location within the system. You can simply manage your images via the Images Module and then add these to your pages, articles or news reports.

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Chapter 10 | Video

You can upload all your video files within the Sitebox system so that you can simply apply these wherever you want. Sitebox supports the video formats wmv, asf, asx, wvx, ram, mov, qt and flv.

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Chapter 11 | Flash

You can use flash files. The Flash Media module gives you the opportunity to upload swf-files.

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Chapter 12 | Downloadables

You can upload all your downloadable files so that you can simply offer them via a link on a page, article or even on an image.

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Chapter 13 | Navigation

The navigation module allows you to set up your menu quickly and easily.

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Chapter 14 | Versioning (rollback)

If changes do not turn out as expected, you can retrieve the previously published version by means of a rollback action.

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Chapter 15 | Content offline

If you wish to take content offline, you can do so quickly.

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