Chapter 2 | Modules

Sitebox has standard modules which you can approach via the horizontal menu bar. This allows you to have control over the content of your website. The image below shows you the different assets with the unfolded modules falling under that.

  1. Sitebox CMS,
    • Dashboard module, various information such as; Statistics, Recently adjusted content, Planning, Keywords, Referencing sites, Mostly viewed pages
    • My profile module, your personal settings such as user name and password, groups
  2. Website
  3. Media
    • Images Module, this is what you can do with the images of the format: Upload .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif for your website
    • Videos Module, this is what you can do with your videos of the format: Upload wmv, asf, asx, wvx, ram, mov, qt, flv for your website
    • Flash Module, this is where you can upload your flash (.swf-files)
    • Downloadables Module
  4. Data
    • Form Data Module, you can view your data of filled in online forms, for instance your contact form, via this module
    • Job Application Module*, look at the incoming job applications

* Depends on your Sitebox license