Chapter 8 | Feeds

You can quickly create RSS with the feeds module. RSS feeds are an alternative, simplified representation of online content and are used by visitors for instance to keep information up to date.

Exercise 8.1 | Create (RSS) Feeds

You are going to place the article created in exercise 4 on your page in this exercise.

Go to the Feeds module via the asset Website to create a feed. Afterwards, follow the steps below ;

  1. Select a folder of []
  2. Click on the icon   add
  3. Give a title: Follow our news reports
  4. Give an optional description
  5. Select your website [your-domain-name-com] via the dropdown menu
  6. Click on the tab Entries
  7. Select the type News
  8. Click on the +-sign of []
  9. Select the folder of your News reports, the folder you have created in exercise 6.1
  10. If there are underlying folders you wish to take along, check off the checkbox ‘include child folders’.
  11. Click on OK of want to save the feed but not yet publish
    Click on OK and Publish to save and publish the change
    Click on Cancel if you do not wish to save the change

View Feeds

FireFox: Click on the icon in your browser, you will find it in the address bar


IE8: Click on Feed Discovery via tools


Watch the instruction video