Chapter 12 | Downloadables

You can upload your downloadable files with the Downloadable Module. You can simply offer your files with a link on a page, article or even on an image.

 Exercise 12.1 | Upload downloadable files

To upload downloadable files, go to the Downloadable files Module via the asset Media. Afterwards, follow the steps below ;

  1. Click on the folder Downloadables
  2. Create a new folder by clicking on the icon add folder
  3. Give the folder a name: my-downloadables and click on OK
  4. Click on the icon add
  5. Click on the button Select files in the popup
  6. Browse to the folder location where you have saved your file(s) on your computer,
  7. Select a file or multiple files. You can select multiple files by clicking on them with a pressed CTRL key + left mouse button.
  8. Click on Open
  9. The files are loaded
  10. Once the loading has finished, the popup will show an overview of the selected file(s)
  11. You can remove the file in question from the queue by clicking on the recycle bin behind the file
  12. Click on OK if you want to upload the file(s) but do not want to publish them
    Click on OK & Publish to upload and publish the file(s)
    Click on Cancel if you do not want to upload the downloadable file(s)

Watch the instruction video

Exercise 12.2  | Apply downloadable files

In this exercise, we will add downloadable files to a page.

Go to the Structure and Pages module via the asset Website

  1. Click on the folder which you created in exercise 4.1
  2. Select your created page
  3. Click on the icon edit
  4. Click on the icon edit of the content block where you want to add the flash file to
  5. You are now in the page editor
  6. Type the text:: download the file here
  7. Select this text and click on the icon insert/change link
  8. Click on the arrow of the dropdown box and select the type: Downloadable file
  9. Click on the +-sign of the course folder
  10. Click on the +-sign of the folder you created
  11. Select a file and click on the button Insert
  12. Click on the button Change
  13. Click on OK of want to save the page but not yet publish
    Click on OK and Publish to save and publish the page
    Click on Cancel if you do not wish to save the change

Watch the instruction video