Chapter 14 | Rollback (Version control)

If changes do not turn out as expected, you can retrieve the previously published version by means of a rollback action.

 Exercise 14.1 | Roll back to previous version

In this exercise, we will rollback the page created by you to the previous version.

  1. Go to the Structure and Pages module via the asset Website
  2. Click on the folder you have created in exercise 4.1
    select the page my-first-page.html
  3. Click on the icon roll back via More
  4. Click on Version 1 in the popup
  5. Click on OK if you want to retrieve the version
    Click on Cancel if you do not want to continue the change

Comment: If your content rolls back to a previous version, the status of the content changes in ‘Published but changed’ marked by  a red flag. You need to publish the content to place the changes online.

Rollback page

Tab Versions

Tab edits

The Audit Log tab shows you an overview of the edits that have been made on the content.

Comment: Notice that you can also view the Audit Log via the icon more

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