Module Templates

This module allows you to create and manage your templates. You open the module via the asset Layout and subsequently click on Templates,

The Templates view, figure 1, is composed of a complete screen where you have control over the setup of your templates.

 Map Templates, map with all templates
 Global template

Action buttons; you can do the following with the action buttons;

 Add Global Template, add a global template
 Add page template, add a new page template
Edit, change the selected global template or page template. You can link one or more stylesheets to your template via the tab CSS Style Sheets. see figure 6
Delete selected global template or template 
Publish selected global template or template
More actions on your selected global template or template, see figure 5

 Templates view


Figure 1


If you select a template, a summary appears at the bottom of the window containing the following information,

Figure 2

Control over your templates

You can perform various actions on the selected global template or template via the option more in the right column, figure 5;

  Rollback, version management, you can roll back changes to a previous version
  Change Permissions, awarding of rights or content can be; viewed, added, changed, removed, published or rights can be adjusted
  Duplicate, duplicate the selected globale template or template
  Audit log, overview of edits on the selected globale template or template

Figure 5

Connect Template to CSS Stylesheet(s)

You can connect one or more CSS stylesheets with a Template.

Figure 6