Module Blogs

This module allows you to create and manage your blogs. You open the module with the asset Website and then click on Blogs.

The Blogs view, figure 1, is divided into two columns;

In the left column, you will see;

  •  Add blog
  • more, perform actions on folder structure, figure 3 and 4, respectively
  •  All Blog Articles
  •  Blog Article Folder
  •  Your Blogs

In the right column, you will see;

  • Blogs, overview of your blog articles
  • Action buttons, you can do the following by means of the action buttons;

    Filter/search, looks through the selected site or folder
    Add new pages
    Edit, selected blog
    Delete selected blog(s)
    Publish, publish selected blog(s)
    Delete Comments, you can simply remove comments to your selected blog article
     Moderate Comments, placed comments can be modified
    More actions on your selected blog article(s), see figure 5;
    Blog Article
  • Logout, button to logout


  • Blog articles can have four (4) different statuses, namely;

     New and not yet published
     Published, but changed
    Comments waiting for moderation
     Published and not changed

Figure 1


If you select a blog article, a summary will appear at the bottom of the window that contains the following information.

Figure 2

Control over your blogs

You can perform actions on your blogs with the option more in the left column, figure 3;

  •   Edit Blog, this is where you can add categories, specify that reactions can be placed or that placed reactions can be modified, figure 4
  •   Delete Blog, delete selected Blog(s)
  •   Change Blog Permissions, set rights of Sitebox users (backend)
  •   Duplicate Blog, duplicate selected Blog
  •   Publish Blog Contents, publish entire selected Blog

Figure 3

Figure 4

Control over your blog articles

You can perform various actions on the selected content with the option  more in the right column, figure 5;

  •   Rollback, version management, you can undo changes to a previous version
  •   Change Permissions, awarding of rights or content can be: viewed, added, changed, removed, published or rights can be adjusted
  •   Change Scheduling, set date and time (online/offline)
  •   Change Accessibility, access settings; everyone, only registered users, certain groups
  •   Take Offline, take selected blog article offline
  •   Duplicate, duplicate selected blog article
  •   Audit Log, overview of operations on the selected blog article

Figure 5