Contentblock and Page Editor

You can fill pages via the so-called content blocks. The content blocks depend on your template(s). In order to add content, you select one of the options below via Insert;


 Text; you add a text block, you determine the content with the page editor
      (WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get editor)

 Article; select an article

 News articles, select a news article

 Events, select an Event

 Images, select an image

 Video, select a video file

 Flash, select a flash file

 HTML, insert HTML-code

 PHP Scripts, select a PHP-script

 Javascript, select a Javascript

 White space, add extra white space

Page Editor

The example below shows content blocks in which an image (2) and  text  (3) are inserted.

  1. Contentblock
  2. Image
  3. Text
  4. Spacer
  5. Script

Figure 4


With the editor it is easy to add  or change content. Chapter 3 of the basic training will explain you how to use the page editor. If you want to edit (or delete) a contentblock just move you mouse over the contentblock to edit.
A popup appears with a  Pencil and a  Delete icon. Click on Edit to modify or Delete to remove the content.

Figure 5

Figure 6