Module Events

Events performed by you or which you feel deserve more attention, are managed with the Events Module. You can simply add events to a page. You open the module with the asset Website and then click on Events.

The Events view is divided into two columns;

In the left column, you will see;

  • Add folder
  • More actions, see figure 2
  •  All Events
  •  Events
  • All subfolders present

In the right column, you will see;

  • Actieknoppen hiermee kunt u;

    Filter/search events within the selected folder
    Add new events
    Edit, selected news event
    Delete selected news event(s)
    Publish selected news event(s)
    More actions, on selected news event(s), see figure 3
  • Logout, button to logout

Figure 1


If you select an event, a summary will appear at the bottom of the window that contains the following information.

Figure 2

Actions on your folders

You can perform actions on your folders via the optionmore in the left column, figure 3;

  •   Edit Folder, change folder name, select standard template, apply template recursive
  •   Delete Folder, remove entire folder and content
  •   Change Folder Permissions, set rights of Sitebox users
  •   Duplicate Folder, duplicate entire folder and content
  •   Publish Folder Contents, publish entire folder and content
  •   Audit Log, overview of operations on the selected folder

Figure 3

Add and actions on your content

Chapter 7 of the basic training will teach you how to create activities and how to apply these to pages.

You can perform actions on the selected activity via the option more in the right column.

  •   Rollback, version management, you can undo changes to a previously saved version
  •   Change Permissions, awarding of rights or content can be: viewed, added, changed, removed, published or rights can be adjusted
  •   Change Scheduling, set date and time of events online/offline
  •   Change Accessibility, access settings; everyone, only registered users, certain groups
  •   Take Offline, take selected event(s) offline
  •   Duplicate, duplicate the selected event
  •   Audit Log, look at overview of operations of the selected event

Figure 4