Module Form Data

The Form Data Module allows you to view all data of filled in forms.

The Form Data view is divided into two columns;

In the left column, you will see;

  •  Forms
  •  Folders structure for a clear overview of all your forms
  •  Your forms
  • Actions

        Add new folder
         Add form
         Edit selected form
        Delete selected form
         More actions

In the right column, you will see;

  • Action buttons will allow you to;

    Filter/search for downloadable files within the selected folder
     Details, view filled in data
     Delete selected form(s)
  • Logout, button to logout

Figure 1


If you select a specif Form Data, a summary appears at the bottom of the window containing the following information,

Figure 2

Edit form

By  editing a form, you can determine the name of the form and specify which fields are shown in the backend overview.

Figure 3

Control over your folders and download data

In addition to making changes to your folders you can also download the data as a CSV-file via the option Download Data.

  •   Edit Folder, change folder name
  •   Delete Folder, remove entire folder and content
  •   Change Folder Permissions, set rights of Sitebox users
  •   Duplicate Folder, duplicate entire folder and content
  •   Download Data, download CSV-file


Figure 4