The Sitebox modules

Sitebox has a number of modules that allows you to create your content. All modules work in the same intuitive manner as a result of the uniform user interface. Consequently, you become quickly familiar with the system. The image below shows you the different assets, Sitebox, Website and Media, including the folded out modules.

Figure 3 The Sitebox Modules

Read more about the modules by clicking on them below;

  •   Dashboard, the dashboard shows information about; Statistics, Recently changed content, Scheduling, Keywords, Referencing sites, Mostly viewed pages

  • My Profile, your personal settings such as user name and password


  •  Structure and pages, to create and manage your pages
  •  Navigation, create your navigation menu here
  •  Articles, to write and adjust your articles
  •  News, management of your news reports
  •  Blogs*, manage your blogs
  •  Events, simply keep your activities up to date
  •  Vacancies*, manage your vacancies via this module, you can for instance show these in a list on your homepage
  •  Feeds, make all of your news reports/events easily accessible by means of feeds


  •  Images, this is what you can do with the images of the format: Upload .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif for your website
  •  Videos, this is what you can do with your videos of the format: Upload wmv, asf, asx, wvx, ram, mov, qt, flv for your website
  •  Flash, this is where you can upload your flash (.swf-files)
  •  Downloadables, you can upload your downloadable files via the module of Downloadable files


  •  Form Data*, this module makes it possible to view and download all data from your online forms
  •  Job Applications*, this is where you can view and download your reactions via your online job application form

* Depends on your Sitebox license