Module Navigation

You open the module via the asset Website and then click on Navigation.

The Navigation view consists of a complete screen where you have control over the setup of your Menu(s) and Menu Node(s):

  •  Menu, the available menus
  •  Menu Node
  • Add Menu
  • Add Menu Node
  •  Edit selected Menu or Menu Node
  •  Delete selected Menu or Menu Node
  •  Publish selected Menu or Menu Node
  • Move Menu Node up
  • Move Menu Node down
  •  More actions, figure 3

Figure 1


If you select a menu or menu item, a summary appears at the bottom of the window containing the following information,

Figure 2

Actions on your Menu or Menu Nodes

  •  Rollback, version management, you can undo changes to a previously saved version
  •  Change Permissions, awarding of rights or a Menu(s) or Menu Node(s) can be: viewed, added, changed, removed, published or rights can be adjusted.
  • Change Scheduling, set date and time of a Menu(s) or Menu Node(s) (online/offline)
  •  Change Accessibility, access settings; everyone, only registered users, certain groups
  • Take Offline, take selected Menu(s) or Menu Node(s) offline
  •  Duplicate, duplicate the selected Menu or Menu Node
  •  Audit Log, overview of operations of the selected Menu or Menu Node

Figure 3

Possible settings of menu items

Chapter 13 of the basic training will teach you how to create (a) menu(s) and menu items.
You can couple a menu item to the link types;

  • None, link of the menu item no link
  • URL, you specify a URL, to open, you select one of the options: open in the same window, in a new window or as popup. If you select the last option, you can specify a name, width and height for the popup.
  • Page, you link the menu item to a page within the Sitebox system

Figure 4